Our vineyards

Reichsrat von Buhl has a unique selection of vineyard locations in the Mittelhaardt region in wine growing region Pfalz. Of the 56 hectares of our own vineyards, 45 percent are classified as VDP.Erste Lage® (premier cru) or VDP.Grosse Lage® (grand cru) vineyards. And in those sites, the best plots historically belong to Reichsrat von Buhl.

Reichsrat von Buhl is the sole proprietor of the Ungeheuer plot, which gave its name to the 29-hectare Ungeheuer vineyard, classified by the German quality vintners’ association (VDP) as VDP.Grosse Lage®. The Freundstück, another VDP.Grosse Lage® with a total surface of just 3.4 hectares, received its name from the Freundstück plot, the prime piece of the vineyard, which is also in the sole possession of the estate. Our Hofstück parcel inside the Reiterpfad vineyard was walled off more than 100 years ago and is the only part of the 78-hectare Reiterpfad that was exempt from land re-allocation back in 2003. In all the over top locations, whether in the Kirchenstück, Pechstein, Jesuitengarten, Kieselberg, Leinhöhle, Musenhang, the Herrgottsacker with its many small, historical parcels, the Mäushöhle, or the Paradiesgarten, we can call the best parcels our own.

We see that unique situation as an obligation to produce the best possible wines in every location. And we believe that can only be done in harmony with nature. We have been using organic methods since 2006 and since 2009 our estate has been certified organic.