In Germany, the Weinbergslage (vineyard site) is described as either a limited area (Einzellage, or single vineyard), or a collection of multiple single vineyards (Großlage). VDP wineries (members of the Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates) are allowed to put the vineyard name on the label only if the site has been classified by the VDP as Erste Lage (first class site), and therefore of particularly high quality.  We have the best preconditions to produce the highest quality wines in our first-class single vineyards. The Reichsrat von Buhl Winery covers approximately 59 hectares of vineyard terrain in the Paradies für Edelweine (paradise for noble wines), as the Mittelhaardt is known. The winery owns the majority of the best vineyards of Forst and Deidesheim.

According to Hugh Johnson, a remarkable 41% of all von Buhl sites are classified as Erste Lage.

Große Lage Erste Lage Other classified sites
Freundstück Kieselberg Stift
Kirchenstück Mäushöhle Leinhöhle
Jesuitengarten Herrgottsacker  
Pechstein Paradiesgarten  
Ungeheuer Musenhang