Franz von Stuck

Franz von Stuck, born 23 February 1863 in Tettenweis (Kreis Passau) was a painter, graphic artist and sculptor. A major figure in the Art Nouveau movement in Munich, he was co-founder of the Secession. From 1895 taught at the Academy, where he created images with mythological and symbolist themes, as well as portraits and bronze sculptures. 

His versatility is shown by his completion of the Villa Stuck in Munich in 1898m which As a versatile artist shows him in 1898 completed the Villa Stuck in Munich, which he designed as a Gesamtkunstwerks (“total art work”).  His students included, inter alia, W. Geiger, W. Kandinsky, Klee P., R. Levy, H. Purrmann and A. Weisgerber. He died at the age of 65 in Munich. The von Buhl label design was commissioned from him in 1887, when he was only 24.  

In 2013, his engraving was respectfully renewed by Berlin-based designstudio Eat, Sleep + Design, to mark the new era at Reichsrat von Buhl.