2019 an extraordinary and promising year - impressive quality of the grapes:

The winter vegetation, sown to increase the amount of humus in the soil and to contribute to more species diversity in the vineyards, delayed growing until the onset of rain in December. The hope for more wet months, which would have been desirable for the replenishment of water resources in deeper soil layers, only lasted until February when dryer weather conditions returned. As a result of moderate temperatures without any prolonged cold phases, the sprouting of the vines began on April 20 at a common time.

Ground frost on April 29 and May 7 kept us awake at night but fortunately did not harm the vines and things continued to be moderate and rather cool in May. Individual vines were trickling, also on the above-average yield of the previous year, with an increased storage of reserves and a reduced fruit set.

Then in June summer began and the rest of the year was characterised by a scarce supply of water and significantly higher solar irradiation compared to previous years. Through appropriate experience and measures, our team were able to master this challenge of nature very well. Often the working day had already started by sunrise. As a result, our vineyards had only a few bursts of light hail and minimal sunburn. After a magnificent August with perfect ripening the harvest started on 04 September with the Chardonnay for our sparkling wine. Without a break, we continued with Burgundians and Rieslings for sparkling wine, pre-harvested in the Gutswein level, followed by Erste Lage and Grosses Gewächs. Due to the perfect weather, the development of the grapes progressed so fast that we were able to finish harvest before the onset of major rainfall. The grapes all had a first-class and outstanding quality.

2019 was a fast and wonderful harvest, which makes the experienced and diligent hands in the vineyard and the cellar, as well as the many new colleagues in the winery, very proud.

November 2019 - First impressions from the cellar:
Due to the lower yield compared to 2018, the increasingly cool nights just before and during the harvest, we were able to harvest both the sparkling wines and the still wines with the hoped sugar content and acidity. The musts are characterized by a cool and pure aroma with a lively fresh acidity. The fermentation has gone smoothly for all wines, now they may develop at least until February 2020 on the yeast.